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A Role Play Dream. With this weather, A role that I actually can play, the only thing that actually appeals to me is being at home with a nice glass of wine, soft jazz playing in the background and the thoughts of some memorable evenings that I had in the last couple of months. I have been crazy busy in my full-time occupation and along with that some lack of inspiration, I know I have been denying you the chance to “read” me from time to time but I promise I will try to change that. Work definitely finds its way through to me, but at the end of the day, it is the excitement of meeting new people and explore their sexuality that really takes a huge toll on me.

I feel extremely excited. An unassailable urge fills me from within. I get really excited considering the fact that I have the opportunity to meet new people and get to know them personally. Let us just say that it is pretty much a part of my existence and my nature to explore and improvise.

One particular day not long time ago, I was in a really great mood. I had made some wonderful tapas to myself and was sipping the wine. The phone rang and the client requested a role play. Now role play is not that unusual or scarce for escorts, but this isn’t particularly my cup of tea. I am not really that great at it, though at times I have really enjoyed the experience.

Role Play?


In this case, however, the idea was pretty kinky and perhaps that was the reason that I could not say a “no” to it. The idea was really hot and steamy and I was actually looking forward to this experience. The client wanted to be interviewed by me where I would be a sexy and glamorous boss wearing some kinky and sensuous outfit. The rest of the storyline was pretty conventional as following that the interviewer would start hitting on him.

Apparently the interviewee would get the job if he could prove himself a bomb on the bed and make me cum every-day. The idea was extremely sensual and I felt aroused at ones. I could not wait to get wet since he was a very handsome, young and generously shy man. This was a brilliant combination and I was waiting for things to get erotic really soon.

We met at my apartment and then the interview began in a really professional manner. I was all dressed in a formal white shirt and a formal pencil skirt underneath white lingerie, stockings, and suspenders, which perfectly reflected the beauty and sensuousness of my skin. The blazer I was wearing seemed to compliment really well and I had deliberately kept two of my shirt buttons open so that he could get a naughty glimpse of me sexy breasts. I could see his eyes feast on me and I couldn’t help but notice his brilliant figure which was masculine yet lean. I could just imagine how tasty he might have been.

We started off with a bottle of wine and let the alcohol take its turn. His eyes were incredibly appealing and his polite yet very shy gestures made him really sexy. But I was determinate to be bossy and professional, while I was asking him questions, why he wanted so bad working for me and why he wanted so bad to work for me I couldn’t help noticing the growth in his pants, and that ladies and gentleman always trigger something in me.

I couldn’t tell when we started kissing passionately as I could only feel our lips caressing each other and our tongues rolling in the wild illusion of lust. We got closer to each other and I could feel the alcohol taking over. There is something really amazing about sensuousness and alcohol since it essentially brings forth the illusion of love and lust together.


Role Play Game?


He had a majestic tough as I could feel his fingers all over me. Well, he seemed to be really fond of my breasts too as he was caressing them and stroking them gently. This made me really excited and I took him on the bed. I got all over him and our bodies didn’t even have an inch of space left between us for a fly to pass by.

In a matter of moments, we were naked and he was sucking on my breasts. I was excited as he entered me and I started kissing him madly. We were indulged in soft-core sex since he wanted to feel every bit of the moments passing by.

I was having the time of my life as well since the sensuousness in me was filled to the brim of the cup. He was a god on the bed and his manly fragrance lingered all over me. It was extremely arousing as I could feel him going all over me, sometimes slow, sometimes fast and sometimes at just the pace one would love. I was wet and craving for more. I could feel my existence on cloud nine.

My eyes were closed and my lips were locked to him. His eyes met mine and I could feel the lust growing in me with every moment.

He was an animal that knew how to go soft and fill the person on the other end with pleasure. This sexual encounter was hot, steamy, lustrous and extremely sensuous at the same time. It will remain etched to my memories forever.

Now you tell me isn’t great to be the boss from time to time?  

Until we meet again


Sophya Moore

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