Naughty Neighbour

Late one night about a month ago. I was doing my general things on a night in, did a little cleaning, browsed the web, and did some reading. I had just gotten out of the shower and was planning on spending the rest of the night relaxing when I got a phone call. the man on the other line says he was browsing my listing. He said I looked really hot and was wondering if he could come by later. I don’t know it was his kind manners, his sexy voice, I decide to agree despite my plans for a quiet evening, he asks me to wear the raincoat and my black lingerie, stockings and suspenders. I agreed, Made sense to me, and I love wearing it, he said he’d be over in an hour and that should be easy to find since we were neighbours. Hmmm a neighbour I thought, that is just hot. 

 I was just finishing my make up when I heard the knock on the door. I rushed to open it and when I did it, I gasped. “May I come in?” he asked, “Of course,” I responded, my voice slightly quivering. He was a tall, very tall, black hair, awesome smile and much larger than me in a good way. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans (and for those who don’t know me, this is the men outfit that turns me on). I looked him up and down when I finally met his beautiful eyes. “So you are my neighbour,” I said.

Naughty Neighbour

I invited him inwards and into my living room. I’d set it up with a nice ambient dark lighting and candles burning. A certain romantic atmosphere at all times is how I liked it, and my clients like it even more it seem. While drinking some wine we talked for a while. He was so witty and had so many stories to tell. While he was talking I was watching his lips moving and start kissing him. He seemed taken aback, to be honest, I was too. I don’t usually go so forward, especially when someone is talking, but l just couldn’t anymore. He turned me on in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time.

He took me to the bedroom. It was so exciting and passionate. I’d never experienced anything like his passionate embrace. We kissed and he held me tight at the bedroom door and we went in. l exploded out of that black lingerie and was on my back before I knew it. 

I felt his big hard cock throbbing while I put the condom on it and he was instantly deep inside me. I quivered and screamed out in ecstasy. He immediately made me cum. Something about the shape of his cock and that perfect amount of wine turned me into his fuck toy on that first round. It seemed like every time he’d go deep I’d cum again and again. I’ve been fucked plenty of times, but never with such insane mad passion like this man was capable of. He was very neighbourly indeed. 

We went at it for what felt like hours, both climaxing and going back into each other’s embrace before going back to it again. He’d lick the juices from my pussy in between and I’d suck his cock until we were ready for the next round and the next. Hummmmm. 

 Moments like this are why I love this job. The life of an escort is finding romance in anything, and the passionate neighbour next door will always be remembered as one of the most romantic experiences of my life. 

Until we meet again


Sophya Moore


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