Hello, Lovelies..!  As many of you know by now, recently I was offered a new position in a new company, I am very excited and happy about this position. But this means that now I have to restrict a lot my part-time companion schedule. How to Book Me. My availability is now very limited. I am NEVER available at short notice unless it’s a weekend and you have a long liaison to propose me. Dinner dates and longer bookings are my preferred type of rendezvous. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have your company for an hour or so.

How to Book Me?


During the day I can’t take most of my calls. So, I decided to compile a few elements that you need to know before booking me. You can reach my Text message or WhatsApp at +353870984825 or via email at [email protected]

1: Texts or emails asking: Are you free? When you available? How much? And so on will be gently ignored, this is not the type of gentleman that I would like to meet. So, my screening process starts right here.

2: Texts or emails asking


if I offer unprotected sex, drugs or any illicit activities will be ignored and your number or email will be blacklisted on my phone, laptop, etc. If by any chance you decide to ask me for a role play where I pretend to be a little girl and you want to have sex with me. Your email or number will be reported to the police, and you should be thinking to consider asking for help. Because I spot a red flag there (unfortunately this request happens more than should be)

3: If you don’t like the way that I handle my bookings, and you decide to give me a piece of your mind saying: “You snob bitch or whore or whatever you want to call me, your number will be blacklisted too. You have your preferences and I do have mine.

How to Book Me?


If you make a booking with me, and you don’t confirm at the requested time, or simple ghost me, you will be blacklisted too, and you will never have a second chance of booking me. Although I know that sometimes life happens and you have to cancel. But if you have to do it, do It with suffice notice so I can accommodate someone that might want to visit me at the same time.


But Sophya how can I book you then?


It’s simple to booke me, my dear,

Just send me an email or a text like the one I show you below:

“Hi, Sophya

My name is xxxx I am xxx years old and I am from xxxx, I would like to book an appointment with you, I found your profile on xxxx.

I would like to see you this Friday the 15th at xxx pm for xxx hours at your location (please give me two or 3 possibilities of time and date).

I previously visited xxxxxx and or my UserName at the website xxxx is xxxxxx. (in case this is your first time visiting a companion I will ask to speak with you on the phone so I can know a little more about you, please note that I only see gentlemen with 30 years or more)

Add some preferences that you might have regarding wardrobe or any type of service you are looking, I will be completely honest with you, if I don’t offer it or not comfortable with I will tell, so I don’t waste your time or mine.

Look forward to hearing from you



See it’s simple isn’t it:

I prepared a few Q & A that you might have regarding our appointment, you can see it here.

I am looking forward to exploring new adventures and making memories with you guys (or girls J)

Until we meet


Sophya Moore

Do you want to meet me at midnight?

If you want to meet me at midnight then listen to my short story first. I went to London deeply excited, I was given a new work project in there, and this means that now I have to spend every month a few days in London. As my plane approach to the airport, I couldn’t stop thinking about this exciting city. I love everything about London, its rainy weather, its sober and elegant colors, its streets dimly lit by night. Since I had to stay for a week I decided to set up an advert for London while I was there, I did not have much time, but I was very excited about being there. I had nothing to lose.


Meet me at midnight


I met a few gentlemen over there during that week, but my last night was remarkable. I got a call asking for a 3-hour appointment. He was very specific on the phone, the meeting had to be at midnight in his hotel, a few drinks in the hotel bar and some fun in the room but NO SEX, humm that will be a first, let’s see if he can control himself I thought.

We had agreed to meet in the lobby of the hotel, a fancy one in central London, very close to where l was staying. l was wearing a black dress, with a broad neckline, black heels, and sexy lingerie, though he still could not see it. He was elegantly dressed in a dark blue suit, and a white shirt subtly unbuttoned. I could smell his perfume when we were still a few feet away.

We greeted with a brief hug, he grabbed my waist and pointed out the address. We started walking to the fancy bar that the hotel had behind its restaurant. On a big black grand piano, someone was playing jazz pieces. The atmosphere was lit by dim lights. We approached a large bar, ordered a strong drink for each, and sat at a table, as far away from the main hall as possible.


Meet me at midnight



I was really tired, to be honest from the day that I had. My thighs fell exhausted on the chair, and l slightly opened my legs to rest. I think he might have noticed that since he began to fiddle with his feet under the table. First, he stroked my feet and my calves. But very soon he reached the thighs. My thighs, which were exhausted, woke again, excited about sex. Having them tensed now, and full of desire. On the table, I tore him by the hand. With gentle pressure, I showed him where to go, what roads to take, when to stop or when to continue. Our breathing began to clutter, the gasping to be more intense.

“Let’s finish the drink in the room,” he said. ‘Why so much trouble? We’re just starting, you want to finish so soon?”; “On the contrary…”, he said, and with a mischievous smile, he pulled the chair back from the table, stood beside me, and extended his hand to take me from it.

“Let’s go to the room. Sex time” he said, and I stopped “wait, I thought you didn’t want to have sex”, he smiled at me and said, “oh dear there are so many ways of having sex”. We called the elevator and it came very quickly. There were at least three people inside. We stayed in the back of it, and very soon my new friend was touching my back, then my legs, down to the thighs. He lifted my dress with the most subtle gesture and silently smack my butt No one seemed to be noticing it, but we were both deeply exited. The elevator stopped three times, everybody took off while we were still going to the top floor. “Here we are,” he told me.

We had a few hours to be there, my flight was out in a few hours and I still had to pick up my luggage before going to the airport. We entered the room but we stood next to the bed. I unbuttoned his shirt slowly and trusted my hand into his trousers. He took off my underwear, which had been misplaced at the elevator. He took it in his hands, smelled it, and threw it on the bed.


Meet me at midnight


We began to touch ourselves wildly, our breathing was growing stronger and choppy. His wet fingers were making me feel incredible, I could barely think of how I was touching him. He was saying some stuff to my ear, I can remember, in a language I could not understand. His voice trembled, he stopped sometimes to breathe but kept saying those things to me. With his tongue, he licked the lobe of my ear, which really turned me on. I could not contain myself too much. As he touched me, we kissed, our tongues got involved tenderly but savagely.

His mouth soon moved from my ear to my mouth, then to my breasts, and ended up in my pubis. Me, standing on my feet, with my legs open; him, kneeling on the floor. I found myself in a complete state of ecstasy and pleasure. His tongue was delighted in between my pubis, he seemed to enjoy playing between my thighs. He was just creating great chaos down there.

The chaos soon turned into a big fire, and I could no longer control it. “Do not stop” I said, “Please do not stop”. And he did not. On the contrary, his tongue began to move faster and his saliva to fall slowly on my thighs, toward my knees. Completely wet, I pressed his head between my thighs, while his tongue was continuously moving on. In a single and perfect moment, I reached the moment of maximum ecstasy, the full orgasm, his tongue, and my pubis merged into the one and the same disorder.


Meet me at midnight


With his head still between my legs, he gave me one last kiss, tender but sexy, and put himself over his feet. “I think it’s time for you to go,” he said. Slowly opening my eyes, I said yes just with a gesture. He took the underwear I had left on the bed, and gently placed it again on my body, kissing my ankles, my thighs, and my pubis for the last time. Before opening the door he whispered in my ear:

“Come back soon,” he said. “Definitely” I replied. London has never disappointed me!!!!!


How to meet me?



Sophya Moore

I just started my day thinking that I should treat love myself with some holidays, I need desperately to get a tan, the office was relatively quiet because my colleagues were still arriving. I started to work on my computer, was just finishing a deadline that had been assigned to me earlier that week when one of my cocky colleagues arrived at the office, a twenty-something kid who could never stop his jaw from dropping when he sees me. I greeted him and stood up to get something from the copier, he suddenly said ‘God you look extra delicious this morning”. I flipped my long blonde hair back, thanked him and looked down at my outfit. It was nothing too fancy: a white cotton shirt that showed just the right amount of cleavage and some jeans that showed my shapely ass perfectly, coupled with some bright red heels for a touch of sex on this boring morning.

From France With Love

Fortunately, my day just got a lot better.  🙂 An amazing Irish gentleman living now in France called me, said he had to go to Dublin and wanted to meet me very desperately. What can I say, I am a hard woman to not have around, considering that his last visit was a few weeks ago and was mind-blowing, and wasn’t his first time. I met him for the first time in May and since then he became a regular all the time he comes to this shores. The meeting was placed in my lunchtime break at my luxurious apartment near my workplace. He was interested as usual in my part-time entertaining skills. I was waiting dreadfully for that break. It excites me so much when he calls, I could feel myself getting turned on already. I arrive home, turn on some music and went to the shower, decide to use a black backless dress, along with a black belt that emphasizes my hourglass figure, and some simple black heels. I put it on without my bra and I loved how you could see my perky nipples showing through the dress, (did I told you already that I get soooooo excited when someone touches my nipples??). But back to the dress, you can’t wear a bra on a backless dress now, can you? Along with my dress, I also put on my lingerie stockings and suspenders, combed my hair, splashed on some perfume, and promptly spent around 10 minutes, setting up my place. Lighting candles and getting my favorite wine ready. I was so wet by this point that l was positively dripping.

Right on cue, there was a knock on the door, before quickly checking myself out in the mirror, I answered. I was greeted by his sculpted face and a cheeky glint in his eye. We entered and sat down on my sofa near the window. I offered him a unique red, French wine from my selection and he gladly accepted. We started drinking together and the sexual tension was apparent. I didn’t want to get things started just yet though, so we chat about what happened in our lives since our last time together while we were teasing each other with the eyes.

From France With Love

I sat close to him and he gently starts touching and kissing me, I was allowing it all being sure to expose all my best assets just enough to make him super horny. He is such a great kisser, he can light so many sparks with something as simple as a kiss. I tried to keep going with the conversation about trivialities but he simply kept going with kissing me softly. l was his completely. He gently undressed me, picked me up, and gently pushed me against the dining table. He pulled my damp panties down took me to the room and start Eating the living hell out of me. All I could do is scream, moan, and push his face harder and harder against my dripping pussy. I can honestly say this was the best cunnilingus ever. He spent so much time on my eager pussy, I came twice and at this point, I was desperate to have him inside me but there was something I needed to do first. I unzipped his pants and got to work on his cock with my mouth. Licking and sucking just the way I knew he liked it (naughty thoughts come again to my mind grrrr).

After some time, his breathing started to get heavy so I stopped, I didn’t want him to cum just yet. I grabbed a condom from my bedside table and put it on him. I then pushed his hard cock inside my wet pussy and I almost came, he is so long and thick. He was ramming it slowly and passionately, while also leaning in and playing with my sensitive nipples and kissing me. I can feel his cock inside me, rubbing against me, feel every single follicle of shaven hair, every vein, I can feel it pushing tightly against my vagina’s walls, I can feel it tense up and loosen down along with me. My moaning is muffled by his kissing. He grabs me and starts carrying me, lowering me down and lifting me on his cock while kissing me. I can feel my nipples rubbing against his chest hair. It drives me insane. I asked for doggy style, he knows it’s my favorite, he puts one hand behind my head and starts stroking my hair gently and the other grabbing my ass while fucking me hard, I came once again. l gently whisper in his ear to let me do some of the work. He spreads on the bed and offers me his hand. I take it and start riding his cock. I can feel my butt-cheeks smacking his thighs while I go up and down his cock. I lean on top of him and start kissing him while giving him the ride of his lifetime. He again puts his right hand behind my head and gently strokes my hair, while putting the left hand on my huge ass and gently caressing it. I couldn’t count how many times I came. All of a sudden he starts moaning and I know that he has come. We didn’t move for a few minutes. All we did was hug each other and kiss each other. He whispered in my ear that I should be careful and keep track of my break time. He softly kissed me and went to take a shower. I don’t know when I will see him again to another hot session like this, but I’m already counting the days.

We went at it for what felt like hours, both climaxing and going back into each other’s embrace before going back to it again. He’d lick the juices from my pussy in between and I’d suck his cock until we were ready for the next round and the next. Hummmmm. 

Thank you, MN

Until we meet again


Sophya Moore